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Industrial Construction

Industrial & plant construction in the narrower sense has been handled by FCP for about 35 years.

The following focuses of the industrial construction group within FCP have developed in the fields

  • Chemical storage facilities (warehouses and tank storages) – in particular also storage facilities for flammable liquids,
  • Dry and wet mixing plants,
  • Bottling plants – also for flammable liquids,
  • Logistic sites for waste management,
  • Intermediate storage facilities,
  • Sorting plants,
  • Facilities with baling presses and shredders,
  • Design for landfills,
  • Manufacturing plants for chemical products like biodiesel,
  • Paper factories and
  • Workshops for different utilizations.

Sample Projects

Montes del Plata Pulp Mill
Industrial Construction
WIENeu Hoerbiger
Industrial Construction
NENI am Tisch
Structural Engineering