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Health & Safety Engineering

According to the law regarding the coordi­nation of con­struc­tion works a project manual for health and safety engineering, which is both work instruc­tion and documen­tation for the building site coordi­nator, is prepared for every project.

This project manual is no safety and health protec­tion plan, but in fact this plan is part of the project manual, which additi­onally collects and documents other materials concerning building site coordination.

Competence Center


Site inspections by the building site coordinator are scheduled at regular intervals right from the start of construction works. The results of every inspection are documented in form of written inspection records or notes.

The objective of the activity is the prevention of accidents on building sites and also during later operation of the buildings.


Project Manager for Health and Safety Engineering

He serves as representative of the client and contact person for the coordinators according to the respective law for the supervision of design and construction of the structure related to safety. If necessary a letter of indication (§6) is prepared.


Design Coordinator for Health and Safety Engineering

The first versions of the safety and health protection plan (§7) and the document for subsequent works (§8) are prepared and assistance/consultation of persons active in the design/tendering of safety issues is provided in the required scope in the design phase of the structure.


Building Site Coordinator for Health and Safety Engineering

In the construction phase the subsequent services are performed from the start of construction: updating of the safety and health protection plan with the document for subsequent works. Safety standards according to the respective provisions of health/industrial safety/fire protection are ensured by the documentation in the manual for health and safety engineering, which is available at the building site, by means of regular site inspections and building coordination meetings. After completion of construction the final version of the document is submitted to the client.

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