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About FCP

In the construction industry, our design and consulting assignments are complex. With creativity, joy, and a network of ideas, we are confident that we can meet these challenges.

Openness, self-responsibility, and people who are led by their aspirations are the fertile soil for this creativity.

A culture of appreciative collaboration enables trust between project partners with diverse needs.

The foundation of our activities are solid technical know-how, mutual group support, and a culture in which errors are dealt with constructively.

We weigh the consequences of our actions carefully.

These are our contributions to a sustainable and better life-quality.


The consulting engineering office was founded by Kurt Wenzel in Vienna in 1960. In 1972 it was taken over by Peter Fritsch and Gerd Chiari.

In 1995 a ZT-GmbH was founded and currently has the following managing directors:

Wolf-Dietrich Denk
Walter Nemeth
Christian Nüssel
Dr. Dieter Pichler
Robert Schedler

and is supported by the following authorized representatives:

Günther Achs
Ulrich Eder
Michael Fritsch

Joachim Lanschützer
Markus Müller
Barbara Winter

In the mid-1980s FCP had approx. 20 employees, today the office – including associated companies – employs approx. 350 persons.

The design activities comprise a wide spectrum with assignments in the field of structural and civil engineering. These engineering services are performed both for projects in Austria and abroad.

These successful design services of the last few decades were confirmed by the Austrian Consulting Award.

Carbon Neutral Company

CO2-equivalents of 1,377,700 kg

Companies, processes and products whose CO2 emissions were calculated and offset by the support of internationally acknowledged climate protection projects are called carbon neutral. Apart from prevention and reduction, the offset of CO2 emissions is a further important step in holistic climate protection.

FCP is constantly anxious to reduce its carbon footprint to the greatest possible extent and has supported several climate protection projects for the offset of greenhouse gas emissions in India and Indonesia since 2017. This certificate confirms the offset of a total of 1,377,700 kg of CO2-equivalents for 2017 and 2018.


Our Climate Protection Projects

The project “Forest Protection Rimba Raya“ in Borneo, Indonesia protects 64,000 hectares of rain forest against deforestation and offers alternative income sources and educational opportunities to the population. The tropic swamp forest is one of the most efficient reservoirs for greenhouse gases worldwide, has a very high biodiversity and is one of the last havens for endangered animals like the orang-utans.


In India greenhouse gas reduction is achieved by renewable energy by the climate protection projects “Solar Power Godawari“ and “Biomass Gangakhed“. In Godawari India‘s first 50 MW solar thermal power station was built and in Gangakhed a sugar cane factory reduces the emissions and improves the life of people by utilization of the regionally accumulated biomass for electricity generation.

Managing Directors

Since 1 October 1995 the office has been managed as FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH. The management board currently consists of five persons.

Authorized Represen­ta­tives

The management comprises six authorized representatives apart from the managing partners.


FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner obtained the Austrian Award for International Consulting three times and was nominated in this category nine times. Furthermore FCP was nominated for the Austrian Award for Telematics for the research project DyGes in 2006.

In 2018 FCP received the European Concrete Award for the project “ÖAMTC Mobility Centre”.



2019 European Steel Design Awards
ÖAMTC Mobility Centre Vienna

The ÖAMTC Mobility Centre in Vienna received the European Steel Design Awards 2019.

2018 European Concrete Award
ÖAMTC Mobility Centre Vienna

FCP received the European Concrete Award 2018 with the project “ÖAMTC Mobility Centre”.

2016 European Steel Bridge Award
Botlek Bridge, the Netherlands

Award of the ECCS for outstanding consultancy and design services for the Botlek Bridge.

2016 Constructor Prize
Geriatric Centre Rudolfsheim, Vienna

The jury especially recognized the concept how to let elderly, infirm persons and persons suffering from dementia participate in social life.

2016 KOOP Award
Main Railway Station Vienna

Award of the öbv for the whole project team for the excellent execution of the construction project.

2015 Austrian Consulting Award
Botlek Bridge – World‘s Largest Lifting Bridge, the Netherlands

The Ministry of Economics recognized the unique realization of the project.

2012 Austrian National Award for Architecture and Sustainability
NÖ Haus Krems

With a maximum heating demand of 10 kWh(m²a) the NÖ Haus Krems reaches the passive-solar house standard.

2011 Mobility Prize
Sound Insulated Track System of Vienna’s Tram

This system can both minimize the vibrations and the ground-borne noise immissions in the adjoining buildings.

2011 Constructor Prize
LKH Klagenfurt NEU
The new regional hospital in Klagenfurt is the third largest hospital in Austria and is an alternative to the standard type of large-scale hospitals.

1999 Austrian Consulting Award
Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Taiwan

The Kao Ping Hsi in Taiwan is a cable-stayed bridge with a record-breaking cantilever of 330 metres.

1990 Austrian Consulting Award
Olympic Grand Bridge, South Korea

Cable-stayed bridge built with the free cantilever method by means of cantilever equipment developed by FCP.




Austrian Consulting Award
StrucInspect and Bridge Inspection 4.0


Vienna Engineering Prize
Chenab Cable Crane, India


Constructor Prize
Geriatric Centre Baumgarten, Vienna


SHM Hans-Juergen Schmidt Award


Austrian Consulting Award
Assessment of Buildings under Seismic Load


Austrian Construction Award
Assessment of Buildings under Seismic Load


Austrian Champions in European Research
IRIS – Integrated Risk Management in Industrial Systems


Austrian Consulting Award
A Contribution to the Realization of Sustainable Energy Supply – Biogas Container in System Building Construction Method


Austrian Award for Telematics
DyGeS . Dynamic Weight Registration System


Austrian Consulting Award
Ballast-less Track and Floating Track Slab North-South-Railway Tunnel Berlin, Germany


Austrian Consulting Award
IMAC . Integrated Monitoring & Assessment of Cables


Austrian Consulting Award
CaSCo . Consistant Semi Active System Control


Austrian Consulting Award
Floating Track Slab System


Austrian Consulting Award 
Bridge Monitoring System


Austrian Consulting Award
Wind Tunnel Test . Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Taiwan


Austrian Consulting Award
Incremental Launched Bridges, Taiwan


Our company has been committed to proper and faithful business-relationships throughout its history for more than 50 years.

Complying with today’s legal conditions all staff members are subject to rigorous and distinct rules of behaviour in contact with clients and third parties. These rules are set out in an internal code of conduct. Important issues are the confidential treatment of information and the observation of correct customer relations without granting of undue advantages of any kind. All staff members are strictly bound to these rules which are supervised as part of our QM system. Perceptions of incorrect behaviour shall be reported to the management or to the “compliance officer”, who is to inform the representative of the client and, if appropriate, initiate adequate measures.

We are striving for the highest quality and reliability of our services as well as absolute loyalty vis-à-vis our clients.

The responsible Compliance Officer in our company is Ms. Evita Reich-Schröttner.

2020 . 60 Jahre Jubiläum

2010 . 50th Anniversary