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Fire Protection

Fire protection planning means merging all the required fire protection measures of a specific object as a whole to be able to control the existing risks and to reach the defined safety objectives under the aspect of economic efficiency.

Competence Center

Brandschutzplanung . Foto © NMPB Architekten | Herta Hurnaus
Picture © NMPB Architekten | Herta Hurnaus

FCP offers the following services in this field:

  • Consulting services in the scope of competitions
  • Fire protection planning for the planning phases preliminary design, basic design and submission as well as during construction
  • Preparation of fire protection concepts considering the relevant legal provisions and technical guidelines as component of authority procedures (e.g. submission)
  • Survey and evaluation of the fire protection facilities in objects
  • Preparation of evacuation and escape route concepts
  • Preparation of fire protection plans according to TRVB and ÖNORM
  • Preparation of escape route plans in the correct position