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Technical and Financial Control

Building projects in structural and civil engineering are characterized by the fact that many persons with different interests are temporarily involved in the respective projects (representatives of the owner, authorities, planners, consultants, executive companies etc.). Within a short period of time complex organization models with comprehensive contract relations where great amounts of money are transferred are created.

Clients who attach importance to supervision by third parties (for avoiding self-control) shall commission external technical and financial control.

Begleitende Kontrolle

Technical and financial control checks the organization of the project, the contractual relations between the project participants, the coordination and documentation of the project, the qualities and quantities, the costs and financing as well as the deadlines and capacities in the individual project phases (project preparation, planning, construction preparation, implementation and project conclusion). In particular the proper application of the available means is checked. The checking activity of technical and financial control is comprehensive. The check of single issues, as for example costs, is only efficiently possible if the other issues, e.g. deadlines, contractual relations, qualities and quantities are also considered.

Technical and financial control shall only be implemented for all subsections, i.e. not only for building but above all for plumbing and electrical engineering as well as for the other subsections in complex projects, e.g. medical engineering, kitchen equipment etc. The staff members of technical and financial control must have respective experience to be able to accomplish their services efficiently for the client.

Technical and financial control does not perform project control services and does not give direct instructions to the persons involved in the project but informs and advises the client. The operative implementation of the recommendations of technical and financial control is done by the client, the project management or project control of the project.

The reports and recommendations of technical and financial control are submitted to the highest client organization. Technical and financial control also checks the services of project control and if desired also the services of the client’s project management. Technical and financial control therefore shall be classified at a correspondingly high hierarchic position in project organization.

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