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Climate Protection and Sustain­ability


Make your project compatible with climate protection.

We contribute to the observance of the climate targets, please join!

"There is no PLANet B", with this and other appeals it is impressively pointed out that it will be up to us to take measures in order to leave a liveable planet to the generations to come. For the observance of the agreed climate targets collective efforts for a reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions is required – in all categories and by all persons involved.

We, the construction industry, are significantly involved in the CO2 emissions. It is our aim to change this and to support you in your projects for sustainable and climate-friendly implementation as best as we can.

We offer you a broad field of services to be able to satisfy the political and environmental requirements.


Do you have a project where you need support? Please contact our experts.

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KliNa Day 2022

FCP and VCE invite you to our first KliNa day on 21 September. Please join and inform yourself in presentations around the topic “climate protection & sustainability in construction engineering”.

Specialist presentations – flagship projects – discussion & networking with contributions from research, economy, the city of Vienna & designers

When. 21 September 2022
Duration. 02:00-05:00 p.m.
Where. TU Wien, Resselpark 4, 1040 Wien, lecture room in the library
limited number of participants


We recommend responsible travel by public transport or bicycle.

> more about KliNa Day here

Construction . Restoration

As consulting engineering office in building construction, civil engineering underground and infrastructure construction our focus is on the topics construction and restoration. Our experts show you which adjustments you can make in your project regarding climate protection and sustainability.

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Greening of Buildings

Green buildings can bind CO2 and have an additional positive influence on the microclimate. Please let our experts support you in your project.

› more information on greening of buildings

Building Certification

Do you need certain building standards for funding or sponsorship? Our experts would like to support you in the assessment, optimization and certification of your object.

› more information on building certification

Climate-friendly Building Services

Our experts would be happy to advise you on climate-friendly alternatives for your project and highlight potential savings, in all issues regarding refrigeration, energy and heat generation.

› more information on climate-friendly building services

Life Cycle

Life cycle considerations can support you in your building project in different aspects. Prepare the best version for your project with our experts.

› more information on life cycle

Mobility . Public Space

The extension of climate-friendly mobility and a target-oriented planning in public space helps in the creation of liveable (urban) structures. Profit from our expertise and ask for the options for your project.

› more information on mobility . public space

Nature Conservation

It is our aim to handle the environment sensitively despite of necessary building measures to keep the impacts as low as possible. Please ask our experts for the options for your project.

› more information on nature conservation

Ecological Balance

In future sustainability and environmental compatibility are essential criteria for financing and implementation of building projects (EU taxonomy, ESG criteria). Profit from our expertise in your project.

› more information on ecological balance


By means of computer simulations a wide variety of services can be covered. Please contact us and learn more about the options for your project.

› more information on simulations

Water Management

Sealed areas and increasing extreme weather events lead to overloaded sewer systems or flood damage. Our expertise shows you the options of how to cope with these problems.

› more information on water management

KliNa-Initiative @ FCP

The KliNa initiative was started two years ago in order to concentrate the internal know-how in the company on the topics climate protection and sustainability and to strengthen the awareness. The focus of the KliNa initiative, consisting of a core team and dedicated employees and experts from all areas, is internal and external awareness raising, the support of clients in manifold subject areas and the performance of respective services.

Internal Campaigns

Internally FCP provides a new impetus regarding sustainable mobility of employees with the job ticket, company bikes and more flexible working times. FCP also actively contributes to climate protection by determining its own CO2 emissions and offsetting them by means of climate partners.



Climate-friendly Mobility


In terms of a climate-friendly mobility management FCP.VCE continuously implements further measures.
The following already belongs to our daily routine:

Mobility of staff members

  • All staff members get support for using public transport in Vienna by means of the job ticket (annual ticket for Wiener Linien).
  • The introduction of one home office day per week is gladly accepted by the staff members. Commuting is thus reduced.
  • FCP takes part in the campaign “Wien radelt” (Vienna is cycling). Our company-internal aim is to cycle around the world every year (= 40,075 km).

Business trips

  • Business trips shall be preferably made by railway.
  • Flights shall be avoided and replaced with teleconferences if possible.
  • Company-owned bikes are available to employees for official appointments outside the office.
  • New company vehicles are selected due to their environmental compatibility apart from safety aspects and fitness for work.