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A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein

A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein


The A15 is the main connection road between the harbour of Rotterdam, the biggest European harbour, and the European back country.

Due to the expansion of the harbour in Rotterdam (Europoort – Maasvlakte 2) the approx. 40 km of the feeder motorway A15 had to be repaired, widened and partly newly built.

The project was handled in form of a PPP project with a contract duration of 25 years.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands


A-Lanes A15

Main Focus

A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein © A-Lanes A15
© A-Lanes A15
Ulrich Eder

„ A large-scale project of superlatives. Due to the tight timeline for design and construction the technical challenges were often treated in terms of a "best for the project approach" and solutions were jointly developed and found in cooperation. I personally appreciate the fact that the contact between the project participants has been maintained also after the conclusion of the project. “

Ulrich Eder

A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein © A-Lanes A15
© A-Lanes A15

The project included

  • the widening and maintenance of a 40 km section of the A15 motorway,
  • the construction of the new Botlek bridge (lifting bridge),
  • the reconstruction of the Botlek tunnel,
  • the reconstruction of approx. 87 associated structures and
  • the construction of approx. 44 new structures.
A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein  © A-Lanes A15
© A-Lanes A15