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Life Cycle Engineering

FCP developed an integral life-cycle model for asset management of various structures which can be adapted to the circumstances and special requirements of every single project.

Competence Center

Life Cycle Engineering

Methods for modelling of relevant aspects of life-cycle engineering (LCE) have been developed both for individual structures from the fields of construction engineering, substructures, superstructures, electrical engineering etc. and for whole sections or networks.

The core of the model is the prediction of condition development of engineering structures and their components by means of degradation models developed in great detail which are calculated for every structure or component depending on the structure type, material, product, age, the documented maintenance state and the standards valid at the time of construction. On the basis of the developed degradation models measures are derived in form of a forecast of the measure type (maintenance / renewal) and the associated times.

Measure derivation (reinvestment and repair works) at the structures based on the degradation models is assigned to the respective costs by means of database-based cost benchmarks for direct life-cycle costs (LCC due to structural interventions) as well as indirect LCC (follow-up costs of a limitation of route availability).


  • Forecasting of (remaining) service life
  • Simulation of short-, medium- and long-term far-reaching structural interventions (maintenance / renewal) according to RVS 13.05.11
  • Determination of necessary long-term budgets / optimization of the available financial means
  • Analysis regarding indirect life-cycle costs (unavailability / carbon footprint)
  • Determination of the amortization costs (change of owner / operator) according to RVS 13.05.21
  • Prioritization of the urgency of the expected structural maintenance interventions
  • Prioritization /containment of the structures to be annually checked
  • Backlog analyses, i.e. impact of updating of insufficient financial resources on condition development and investment backlog

Sample Projects

Building Safety Inspections
Structural Engineering