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Feuerwehrhalle Saarlouis

Fire Brigade Hall Saarlouis

BRIMOS® analysis

Assessment of the stays with BRIMOS® Structural Health Monitoring.

Subject of the current survey is the determination of the prestressing forces in the twelve ties of the roof trusses of the fire brigade hall Saarlouis. Trigger for the survey was the failure of one of the stays. This led to the question of the tension forces in the remaining eleven component parts.

On the basis of a non-destructive, dynamic measurement the actual prestress level in the stays was determined and therefore a relevant basis for an assessment of the current situation and the further procedure is ready for operation.


Saarlouis, Germany


District town Saarlouis

Main Focus

Competence Centre

Andreas Schitt, BBV Systems

„ We got a very clear statement and a comprehensive description of the current situation at the structure. We received the survey results exactly prepared in such a way that we can utilize them for further considerations “

Dr. Andreas Schmitt, BBV Systems

Feuerwehrhalle Saarlouis


BRIMOS® analysis

  • Analysis concept
  • Dynamic measurement
  • Data analysis and analytic comparative calculation
  • Determination of effective prestressing forces and load factors
  • Assessment and interpretation