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Acoustics & Noise Protection

The scope of services reaches from measurement-based analyses and assessments to forecasts and expert opinions.

Akustik & Lärmschutz

Traffic Noise Emissions and Immissions

In the scope of our acoustics-portfolio measurements of noise emissions and immissions are carried out at rail traffic routes but also in the field of road traffic.


Noise Measurements

Due to complaints by neighbours or in the scope of new construction the existing noise level has to be frequently determined. In addition to the situation in front of the building structure-borne noise can be measured in the room in order to also consider the sound radiations from walls and floors in the assessment.


Noise by Facilities

Facilities like air conditioning or ventilation systems must meet the acoustic requirements of the laws and standards. Therefore forecasts, surveys and preceding measurements are required for approval procedures.


Planning and Forecasts

In the scope of new construction forecasts for changes in situation during and after the conclusion of construction works have to be performed. For this purpose measurements are performed in combination with forecast calculations (3D-dispersion model).


Research and Development

The research projects carried out focus on the reduction of emitted sound directly at the source or at the dispersion paths.


Building Acoustics

Acoustic parameters like reverberation time as well as airborne sound and impact sound damping rate are determined by measurements by means of defined acoustic sources and a standard hammer system.