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Digital Engineering


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method of optimized planning, execution and management of buildings, infrastructure systems and other projects. BIM tries to link the heterogeneous and increasingly complex amounts of data of all involved disciplines in such a way that a consistent database retrievable anytime and providing quickly and globally all information is created.

Meanwhile a mere focus on BIM is too little for us as so many aspects of digitization are not captured with it. Therefore, we have expanded our focus and introduced the term of Digital Engineering – a connection of digitization and the core of our range of services, namely engineering. With digital engineering we establish a vision for a specific development of our core business areas and business areas required in future, which enable us to better meet (future) needs and wishes of our clients.

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As early as in 2011 FCP started to establish BIM as digital planning tool in the company and thus was pioneer of overdue digitization in construction engineering.

It quickly became clear that BIM will be only one of many new tools and technologies that will transform construction engineering within the next few decades.

The development of digital workflows, software development, automation or digital building operation are some examples for requirements with regard to digitization in construction engineering beyond BIM.

Derived from that FCP has extended the focus beyond BIM and now deals with the whole field of Digital Engineerings. Thus, we succeed in optimal integration of the rapid digital development into our work processes and have developed new digital services in the field of construction engineering for and with our clients.

Wolf-Dietrich Denk

„ Digitization in building industry has been increasingly accelerating and digital technologies like for example BIM have arrived in practice. Digitization is also an important prerequisite for practical sustainability in construction engineering. “

Wolf-Dietrich Denk . Managing partner of FCP

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Projects / Use Cases

Apart from "classical" BIM projects and BIM consulting in the field of design FCP has already developed numerous practice-oriented digital products to create and successfully realize innovations and modern use cases with the entire know-how of the diversified company. Find some examples here:

> Projects


BIM Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method of optimized planning, execution and management of buildings, infrastructure systems and other projects. BIM tries to link the heterogeneous and increasingly complex amounts of data of all involved disciplines in such a way that a consistent database retrievable anytime and providing quickly and globally all information is created.

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After successful implementation of the first digital projects with BIM, FCP has decided to openly share this knowledge with our partners and to push on digitization with this. For that purpose, an annual BIM event – the FCP.VCE BIM Day – was held where the projects and the implemented digitization measures were presented by and discussed with internal and external speakers in a very practice-oriented and open way.

Already the motto and the titles of the presentations at the events show the development:
2017 "BIM and your added value!" . 2018 "Halo i Bims" . 2019 "BIM from design to the building site!" . 2020 "#Ready2BIMTogether" . 2021 "BIM is only the beginning"

In 2021 the BIM Day became the Digital Engineering Day with a focus beyond BIM, in 2022 – the motto was: Make Digital Work (For You).

Go to the streams and short videos of the FCP.VCE events of the past years.



Make Digital Work (For You)
Successfully put BIM and digital technologies into practice
> Link to the event page + streaming recording


Digital Engineering
BIM is only the beginning
> Link to the event page + streaming recording


Digitization boost by BIM
> Link to the event page + streaming recording


BIM from design to the building site
> Link to the short video of the event


Halo I BIMS!
> Link to the short video of the event


BIM and your added value!
> Link to the short video of the event


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BuildingSmart Award

We are very proud of our colleague Peter O'Brien, who was able to win the buildingSMART International Award with a unanimous jury assessment for his submission in the category technology.

> hier das "From Pixel to Pset" Summary Video

Digital Engineering Day 2022

This year FCP.VCE will share the digital engineering know-how within our Digital Engineering -Event. This time it is live again with physical presence and at the same time online as hybrid event.

> Invitation video by Wolf-Dietrich Denk

csrTag 2022 Verena Macho

Lecture at the csrTAG

We not only like to take a look at the innovative field of artificial intelligence but also enjoy talking with pioneers and thus bring in our impulses into the current discussions from the construction engineering side. Our colleague Verena Macho represented KliNa and Digital Services.

> go to the whole article here

Digital Engineering . Digital Services

Digital Services
A New Competence Center

FCP has created a new Competence Center named Digital Services. Its core expertise is the promotion of digital transformation, and it is developing digitized solutions for construction engineering.

We would like to find solutions

Frequently it is tried to copy the digital ways of other sectors, or you leave the control over the developments to the big software companies. This approach has been less successful and has not brought about the anticipated digital transformation, construction engineering needs, yet.

Our core competence is construction engineering, and we would like to push on digital transformation more, by ourselves and with a vision of practice-oriented digital working.

In fragmented construction engineering where there is still strong silo mentality there is often a lack of the necessary expertise and overview to develop digital solutions, which also create comprehensive added value and therefore enable stronger connection and more efficient cooperation of the different fragments of our sector.

We have a wide range of services in all fields of construction engineering and therefore often see the hidden added values, which can be used by means of stronger digital cooperation beyond the common interfaces.

People Process Tool Digital Engineering

If we develop a digitization strategy together with you, the three essential aspects human-being, process and tool are put into the focus to be able to ensure successful practical implementation.

The best digital tool does not have an added value if the people who use it are not involved the development and if no analysis of the processes has been carried out.

Unfortunately, in practice too often the following scenarios happen:

  • The user was not involved in the development of the process and the tool – The user will not accept the tool.
  • The user describes the desired tool to the developer – Without deep understanding for the processes behind in the project / context there is only a digital image of an obsolete analogue process.
  • The user analyses and optimizes his processes – However, without the knowledge on current tools and technologies he will not reach the desired transformation.


Service spectrum of digital services

We subdivide our services into two primary categories:

Development of digital solutions

Some examples are:

  • Automated processes which transform data and make them comprehensively useful (e.g.: Pixel2Pset)
  • Web-based model viewer (e.g.: Forge-Viewer)
  • Research of AI-supported asset management (e.g.: submit FFG BrAIN project proposal)
  • Tools for optimized working methods in several software solutions (e.g.: automation in Bentley, programming of own Revit tools)

Consulting on digitization (and BIM)

Some examples are:

  • Digitization strategies for clients, executing companies and planning partners
  • Development of digital workflows / use cases (BIM and beyond)
  • Implementation of BIM (pilot) projects and BIM strategies
  • Optimization of digital interfaces between design-construction and construction-operation


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Team Digital Services


Knowledge Network FCP

The Digital Services team is actively supported by the whole staff of FCP and by close relations to our project partners. Appropriate experts are integrated with their theoretical, practical and technical knowledge via regular internal innovation competitions but also project workshops.

Thus, we can efficiently resort to various perspectives and the whole knowledge of the company group to be able to solve the challenge of digital transformation.



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We focus our expertise, point the right direction and provide support. 

The term “services” is a motto we are committed to and consequently we aim at supplying services with maximum quality in all fields to be able to reach the preset project targets of our clients. The original main pillars like bridge and underground railway construction as well as structural engineering were extended by the tasks design-build, site supervision, underground railway engineering, traffic engineering and technical and financial control in the last few years so that we can offer overall support to our clients.