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Zollergasse © Toni Rappersberger


Shared Space

A Street is given back to the people.

Zollergasse has received a new face: more precisely the section between Mariahilfer Strasse and Lindengasse. The alleyway formerly crowded by parking cars with narrow pavements was turned into an affectionately designed free space inviting people to relax. Eight trees will provide for a pleasant microclimate on the only approx. 140 m long street section. Further shadow is produced by two pergolas and water and spray nozzles on the ground, a water runlet and a drinking fountain offer fun and refreshment not only to children.


1070 Vienna, Austria


MA 28 Magistrat der Stadt Wien

Main Focus

Competence Centre

Zollergasse © Toni Rappersberger
Zollergasse © Toni Rappersberger

Parking cars have been banished from this area now – of course delivery for shops and restaurants is still possible – e.g. for the numerous pavement cafés, which have moved to the centre of the street.

Apart from these visible amenities Zollergasse also has an invisible, as subterranean, feature: the principle of a “sponge city” has been realized here. Below the green areas a sophisticated system made of differently permeable soil material as well as irrigation and drainage pipes provide that existing (rain) water is not drained via the canal but is stored. Thus, not only the trees benefit but also the microclimate due to coolness thanks to evaporation.

Free space design. Korbwurf Landschaftsarchitektur

Zollergasse © Toni Rappersberger
© Toni Rappersberger