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Vibration Measurement of the Tunnel Shell in Angath

Thu, 02.11.2023

ÖBB is constructing an approx. 20.5 km long new railway route between Schaftenau and Radfeld (Tyrol) in the following years. More than 14 km are designated as double-track railway tunnel.

In the meantime, the preliminary works for the tunnel shell in Angath have been concluded and tunnel driving (blasting) has started. In the area of the portal of the tunnel shell in Angath, adjacent to the A12 Inntal motorway, a test detonation was performed to check whether safe operation of the motorway is possible during blasting driving.

For this purpose, the impact of the emissions created by blasting (vibrations, airborne noise, visibility) and their effects on the vehicles passing on the A12 were measured and analysed.

Location. Tyrol, Austria

Client. ÖBB Infra

Services. Vibration measurement

Participating CCs. CC Acoustics, Dynamics, Building Physics, Measurement & Instrumentation

Erschütterungsmessung Rohbaustollen Angath