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Lean Construction

Lean Construction is the transfer of principles and tools of Lean Management to construction engineering.

These principles and tools were initially developed in automobile industry in the last few decades and have been applied to other economic sectors since the 1990s. In this period the development of Lean Construction has begun internationally as well.

Lean Constructionb

In the last few years negative developments in the course of project handling have occurred in many areas of construction engineering. The causes are different, there are systemic incentives for conflict-oriented project handling and frequently there is no thorough planning of the processes both in the planning and the construction phase. Many parties involved are aware of the reasons for the problems mentioned above, however, most of them have hardly managed to question the conventional approaches and behaviour patterns in such a way that there is room for new developments in process management.

This is where the approach of Lean Construction is applied: it scrutinizes previous systems, processes and organization models in construction engineering. Lean Construction offers the possibility to create a completely new basis for processes in construction engineering by focussing all activities on the value from the client’s point of view and applying the principle of continuous improvement by avoiding wasting.