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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring offers a comprehensive range of services for the analysis, assessment and monitoring of structures.


Structural Inspections / Main Inspections according to RVS

  • Structural inspections at bridges, buildings, industrial structures and special structures
  • Main inspections according to RVS
  • Preparation of as-built drawings and as-built documentation
  • Measurements and analyses
  • Examinations in the course of construction works
  • Damage documentation
  • Preparation of maintenance concepts
  • Expertise
  • Development and implementation of structural health monitoring concepts


Structural Assessment by Measurements (BRIMOS®)

  • Special analyses with BRIMOS® Structural Health Monitoring & Finite Element comparative simulations
  • Determination of the real load-bearing capacity and the resilience of supporting structures
  • Load-bearing tests and assessment of structures supported by measurements, in particular dynamic measurements (bridges, industrial structures, wind power plants, offshore structures etc.)
  • Measurements at wires, stay cables etc. (force determination, vibration damping, assessment of vibration exposure)
  • Planning and dimensioning of cable vibration damping measures (vibration dampers, connecting wires)
  • Inspection and approval of vibration dampers by measurements
  • Measurement and assessment of structural vibrations regarding their impacts on the structure and the users (vibration comfort)
  • Planning and dimensioning of vibration absorbers (high-rise buildings, towers, pedestrian bridges)
  • Assessment of fatigue problems by measurements
  • Structural safety inspection of lamp poles


Permanent Health Monitoring by Measurements


  • Development of monitoring concepts for health monitoring (bridges, industrial buildings, towers, offshore structures, special structures etc.)
  • Planning, installation and operation of permanent monitoring systems
  • Data management and data provision for permanent monitoring systems
  • Continuous measurement data analysis, interpretation and assessment of results of permanent monitoring systems

Fields of Application

  • Permanent health monitoring of structures during their service life
  • Monitoring of excavation, construction and demolition works
  • Permanent function monitoring of road joints, bridge bearings, vibration dampers, vibration absorbers, base-isolation etc.)

Sample Projects

Lusail Marine Bridge
Bridge Construction
Building Safety Inspections
Structural Engineering