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Lusail Bridge

Lusail Marine Bridge

New bridge

Monitoring by measurements during construction and in the course of the concluding load test.

Two suspension bridges with O-shaped pylons were erected in the scope of the “Lusail Development Project”. The lengths of the two bridges amount to 204 and 186 metres. Both structures have six lanes each.

For one of the bridges a temporary monitoring system with numerous sensors at the structure was planned and installed for relevant coonstruction phases.


Doha, Qatar



Main Focus

Lusail Bridge
Martin Stöger

„ Apart from the works in Qatar in great heat and the tense project situation, above all the extreme flexibility required in this project was a big challenge. Thanks to a very dedicated project team and a perfectly organized back office we were able to successfully conclude this project with a lot of sweat and high commitment. “

Martin Stöger

The objective was measurement and monitoring of the structural behaviour during construction and the examination of the planning assumptions.

On 8 August 2018 the concluding load test of Lusail Marine Bridge No. 8 accompanied by measurements was performed.

Lusail Bridge