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Building Physics

We offer comprehensive support in all issues of building physics to our clients in order to provide maximum comfort to the people.

Cold winters but also very long heat waves in summer show how important the optimization of the thermal insulation of buildings is.

Sustainability becomes increasingly important for construction and must be also integrated into the planning process. Due to the continuous further development of our services, for example in the field of BIM, we can provide a constantly growing added value to our clients.


The continuous increase in mobility and the agglomeration of cities must not neglect noise pollution and thus noise protection measures. Both the protection against noise from outside (traffic, …) and from inside (drain pipes, neighbours, …) is an important factor for human health and well-being. We can resort to the expertise of our colleagues in the field of acoustic measurements in order to ensure appropriate quality of action planning.

Acoustics of rooms have been neglected for a long time but gain increasing importance in particular for educational institutions and public multi-purpose rooms. We can provide for the desired speech intelligibility and sound propagation starting from simple rooms to complex multi-room allocations.

We also offer special support in complicated expert topics such as passive house design and questions regarding sustainable building (ÖGNI – Austrian Sustainable Building Council).



Preparation of energy performance certificates, thermal bridge simulation, ecological assessment, humidity simulation, overheating in summer, energetic simulation, impact sound protection, exterior and interior noise protection, room acoustics, sound propagation, sound measurement, thermography

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