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Climate Protection Concept . District Authority Mödling

Mon, 02.01.2023

As part of object security inspection, the province of Lower Austria is being advised on climate protection and climate change adaptation measures for provincial buildings using the example of the district authority Mödling. Based on an inventory analysis based on an inspection and available (plan) documents, potentials were determined, and approaches and measures were proposed to improve the building's energy efficiency and adapt it to the challenges of climate change.

The biggest problem here is the overheating of the interior during summer, for which possible solutions have been identified. The potential for installing a photovoltaic system on the roof and in the parking lot is to be re-evaluated. The seepage of rainwater on the property can relieve the sewage system in heavy rain and counteract the drying up of the property's own wells. Biodiversity-promoting measures were proposed in the area of open spaces.


Location. Mödling, Lower Austria

Client. Office of the Lower Austrian provincial government, Building Management Department (LAD3)

Service. Climate Protection Concept

Main focus. Climate Protection and Sustain­ability (KliNa)


BH Mödling Klimaschutzkonzepte