Blasting on the Area of the Future North Hospital

The smokestack of the wagon workshop on the old railway area had to give way to the new North Hospital. The technical data include 40 kilos of explosives and 270 boreholes for a stack height of approx. 43 m.

04.05.2011 - 00:00 // Topical
Umbau Theresianum
Reconstruction Theresianum

Reconstruction and extension of the garden area of the Theresian Academy whose preliminary structural works were completed in 1998. The kindergarten will start operation in Sept. 2011 after completion of stage 1.

01.05.2011 - 00:00 // Project of the month
HBF Salzburg
Main Station Salzburg

Salzburg's unique Art Nouveau hall was restored to its original state. The steel structure composed of 2500 parts was erected again.

21.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press
Beska Bridge

On 14 April 2011 the completion of the new Beska Bridge in Serbia over the Danube was celebrated. The new structure has a total length of 2200 m, the main span, whose completion was the occasion of the ceremony, amounts to 210 m.

14.04.2011 - 00:00 // Topical
Spatenstich GZ Baumgarten

On 14 April 2011 the ground-breaking ceremony for the new nursing home Baumgarten was opened by Health and Social City Councillor Sonja Wehsely, Housing City Councillor Dr. Michael Ludwig, District Head of Penzing Andrea Kalchbrenner and Dr.

14.04.2011 - 00:00 // Topical
First Milestone for the Large-Scale Project Lainzer Tunnel

In the Lainzer Tunnel the first track was completed, thus the 12.3 km long tube (link between western, southern and Donaulände railway line) is continuously accessible for the first time.

07.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press
Impact and Monitoring of Floating Track Slab Systems in Railways

The dynamic function of floating track slabs as well as a complete check method by measurements and analyses are demonstrated on the basis of theoretical considerations and practical measurements of wave propagation, which presents a decisive prog

05.04.2011 - 00:00 // Press


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