Aktuelles Referenzliste

Projektname Datum Typ
Phunkers Delight Summer Opening 07.06.2019 Topical
Ground-Breaking Ceremony Rotenturmstrasse, 1010 Vienna 06.06.2019 Topical
BIM at FCP.VCE – Save the Date 17.04.2019 Topical
FCP @ 17th Viennese Railway Colloquium 18.03.2019 Topical
Closing of Practical Training for Talented Civil Engineers 15.03.2019 Topical
BIM Symposium | 21 March 2019 14.03.2019 Topical
Company Fair – HTL Krems 22.02.2019 Topical
FCP ZT GmbH takes over I.B.U. GmbH 11.01.2019 Topical
Project of the month . January 2019 01.01.2019 Topical, Project of the month
Blüthner Production “Winterreise” 18.12.2018 Topical
First Fireside Chat at the Camillo Sitte Secondary College of Engineering 17.12.2018 Topical
A7 Mühlkreis Motorway, Section Voestbrücke 29.11.2018 Topical
Topping-out ceremony Fontanastraße 28.11.2018 Topical
SOLID Wirtschaft und Technik am Bau . issue 11 / November 2018 21.11.2018 Topical
FCP @ BIT-BAU‘18 09.11.2018 Topical
TGA Conference 2018 29.10.2018 Topical
Cultural Sponsorship Blüthner Vienna 11.10.2018 Topical
Geomechanics and Tunneling 4/2018 10.10.2018 Topical
Completion of School Centre “Spielmanngasse” 04.10.2018 Topical
Practice Day Building Information Modeling 02.10.2018 Topical
InnoTrans 2018 26.09.2018 Topical
Company Outing of FCP.VCE 19.09.2018 Topical
Completion of the GESIBA Headquarters in 1010 Vienna 06.09.2018 Topical
1st Breakthrough of the Koralm Tunnel 16.08.2018 Topical
Practice Day Building Information Modeling 01.08.2018 Topical
First TALENT TRAINING for Civil Engineers ... 08.06.2018 Topical
FCP.VCE BIM Event 22.05.2018 Topical
Construction Congress 2018 23.04.2018 Topical
Opening of Community Centre in Böheimkirchen 14.03.2018 Topical
Company Fair – HTL Krems 27.02.2018 Topical
BIM-Symposium 2018 26.02.2018 Topical
wien.ORF.at . TU Vienna Develops Bridge without Expansion Joints 21.02.2018 Topical, Press
University Hospital St. Pölten – Inauguration of “Building C” 22.01.2018 Topical
News in the Management Board 09.01.2018 Topical
Charity Punch 18.12.2017 Topical
Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Council Flats in Fontanastraße 1 13.12.2017 Topical
motion mobility – The new ÖAMTC-Headquarters in Vienna 30.10.2017 Topical
FCP Award – Prize Winners of 2016 09.10.2017 Topical
2nd Place “Child-Friendly Traffic Design” for Traffic-Calmed Area Waldegg 27.06.2017 Topical
ÖAMTC Headquarters Win the 6th Austrian Steel Construction Award 13.06.2017 Topical
Mariahilfer Strasse wins “2017 Place Design Award”! 08.06.2017 Topical
BIM and YOUR added value 24.05.2017 Topical
Opening of the New ÖAMTC Mobility Centre 20.03.2017 Topical
Moving to the Centre 22.11.2016 Topical
Redesign of Schwedenplatz: FCP Takes Part in the Winning Project 15.06.2016 Topical
Cornerstone Ceremony ÖAMTC Headquarter Vienna 13.05.2015 Topical
New Charter Bus Parking Area - Vienna International Airport 19.02.2015 Topical
GVTB Concrete Prize 2014 20.01.2015 Topical
Nomination for the Constructor Prize 2014 20.11.2014 Topical
Opening of Salzburg Main Railway Station 10.11.2014 Topical
4th Congress of IG LEBENSZYKLUS HOCHBAU 06.11.2014 Topical
Award of the Province of Tyrol for New Building 2014 03.11.2014 Topical
First Students of Construction Engineering – Construction Management Qualify for "Start your Career" 30.10.2014 Topical
Opening of Main Railway Station Vienna 13.10.2014 Topical
Opening of Technical Centre WIFI and NDU 12.10.2014 Topical
Leaving of Harald Schmidt 01.10.2014 Topical
Danube Bridge Linz: VCE/FCP Ranked Third in Competition 20.09.2014 Topical
Gasometer: Launch of Austria’s Biggest Dance and Musical Centre 16.09.2014 Topical
Opening of Nursing Home Baumgarten 26.08.2014 Topical
BIM (Building Information Modelling) at FCP 16.07.2014 Topical
Mentoring and Promotional Programme in Cooperation with FCP, ÖBB Infrastruktur and STRABAG SE 05.05.2014 Topical
Gleislage 2014 – „… Neues von der Schiene …“ 29.01.2014 Topical
Nominations for the ECSN Award 2014 14.01.2014 Topical
A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein, Rotterdam, Netherlands 11.12.2013 Topical
St. Barbara Ceremony 2013 04.12.2013 Topical
Topping-Out Ceremony Technical Centre WIFI and NDU 28.11.2013 Topical
Gap Closure Ceremony VDE 8.2 25.11.2013 Topical
A23 Southeast Ring Road Vienna, Junction Landstrasser Gürtel 30.10.2013 Topical
Drau River Crossing – Open Day 19.10.2013 Topical, Press
International IABSE Conference 2013 06.06.2013 Topical
AEC Defies Flood 05.06.2013 Topical
Relocation of the Ministry of Finance 03.06.2013 Topical
Opening of Wind Park Grosshofen 04.05.2013 Topical
Austrian National Award for Architecture and Sustainability 2012 19.02.2013 Topical
Opening of Unterinntal Railway Route 26.11.2012 Topical
Ground-Breaking Ceremony Stephansheim Horn 22.11.2012 Topical
Opening of Building for University of Vienna, Währinger Strasse 29 08.11.2012 Topical
Foundation Stone Ceremony Hospital North 19.09.2012 Topical
German Unity Transport Project 20.06.2012 Topical
ZIB 24-Interview on 29 May 2012 29.05.2012 Topical
A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein 27.04.2012 Topical
Extension of the Underground Railway Line 5 in Berlin 27.04.2012 Topical
Heavy Load Transport: Box Girder for the Frutz Bridge 20.04.2012 Topical
Kliplev-Sonderborg Motorvejen 31.03.2012 Topical
FCP Award 30.03.2012 Topical
Minister Schultz launches major improvement in the accessibility of Rotterdam port area 14.12.2011 Topical
Opening of Gazela Bridge 11.12.2011 Topical
Bestowal of silver medal 25.11.2011 Topical
Austrian Building Award 2011 19.10.2011 Topical
Mobility Prize 2011 04.10.2011 Topical
Golf Revue, issue 03/2011 28.06.2011 Topical
Topping-out Ceremony Winter Festival Hall Erl 07.06.2011 Topical
Chenab Railway Bridge Project 18.05.2011 Topical
Blasting of smokestack 04.05.2011 Topical
Ceremony on the Occasion of the Completion of the Beska Danube Bridge/Serbia 14.04.2011 Topical
Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Geriatric Centre Baumgarten 14.04.2011 Topical
Dr. Fritz Kopf – Venia Docendi 24.01.2011 Topical
best architects Award 2011 18.01.2011 Topical
Approval of Arlberg Tunnel 11.12.2010 Topical
"Haus der Barmherzigkeit" builds a Nursing Home 25.01.2010 Topical
Completion of the Danube Bridge near Traismauer 27.11.2009 Topical
Groundbreaking Ceremony "University Campus" 23.10.2009 Topical
Groundbreaking Ceremony "Residential and Nursing Home Simmering" 07.10.2009 Topical
Opening Ceremony "Lainzer Tunnel" 05.12.2008 Topical
Opening "Vienna Chamber of Labour" 23.10.2008 Topical
Ground-Breaking for "Residential Park Innerfavoriten" 24.09.2008 Topical
Cornerstone Ceremony "Geriatric Centre Leopoldstadt" 22.09.2008 Topical
Topping-Out Ceremony "Campus Monte Laa" 10.09.2008 Topical
Cornerstone Ceremony "Bernhard Gottlieb University Dental Hospital" 05.09.2008 Topical
Topping-out Ceremony for the Extension of the Ars Electronica Centre 04.09.2008 Topical
P19 - Talübergang Lavant 18.04.2007 Topical
Austrian Award for Telematics 2006 Nomination 18.10.2006 Topical
Opening of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber 06.05.2006 Topical
Lainzer Tunnel, April 27, 2006 27.04.2006 Topical
S16 Arlberg Tunnel – St Barbara Ceremony 04.12.2005 Topical
Reopening Arlberg railway line 03.12.2005 Topical
Donation for flood victims 01.12.2005 Topical
Road opening S33 27.10.2005 Topical
Opening week new building 'FH Wels' 11.10.2005 Topical
Lower Austria's Wood Construction Prize 2005 29.09.2005 Topical
Opening Handling Center West 12.07.2005 Topical
Leitha Bridge on the A6 North-East-Motorway 12.07.2005 Topical
A2 Motoway Complete Extension: Section Bad St.-Leonhard - Wolfberg Nord 04.05.2005 Topical
ACC & HCW - Topping-out Ceremony 18 April 2005 19.04.2005 Topical
Nomination for the Austrian Consulting Award 2004 01.02.2005 Topical
Inauguration railway station Landeck 20.12.2004 Topical
Ground-Breaking Ceremony in St. Jakob, 10.09.2004 10.09.2004 Topical
MesseWienNeu – Topping-out Ceremony 04 July 2003 12.02.2004 Topical